Texture & Treatments


A consultation is required for Permanent Wave and Yuko Hair Straightening.

Permanent Wave$135 and up
Keratin Express Blow Out$195 and up
A professional Keratin Complex treatment that reduces frizz and curl in just one hour. This express treatment utilizes an advanced delivery system to penetrate the hair with keratin protein, delivering soft, silky texture and more manageable hair without the wait. Aftercare requires a minimum of 8 hours before washing. Results last up to 6 weeks. (1½ hours)
Keratin Smoothing Treatment$400 and up
A professional Keratin Complex treatment that infuses the highest quality keratin deep into the damaged cuticle, eliminating up to 95% of frizz and curl. It restores and rejuvenates the hair from within, making it smoother and healthier-looking with each treatment. Aftercare requires a minimum of 72 hours before washing. Results last up to 5 months. (2½ hours)
Keratin KCMAX Maximum Smoothing Treatment$400 and up
A professional Keratin Complex treatment that's their most powerful treatment to date! It delivers straighter, smoother, healthier hair, and dramatically increases the strength of damaged hair. It also conditions and moisturizes, while delivering luminous shine and silky softness. Aftercare requires next-day wash. Results last up to 3 months. (2 hours)
Yuko Hair StraighteningPrice per consultation
This internationally patented system recognized worldwide as “Japanese Hair Straightening”, permanently straightens the hair without compromising its health. No matter how unmanageable the hair is, Yuko is tailored to recondition and protect the hair, while leaving it luxuriously straight with a lustrous shine. Aftercare requires a minimum of 48 hours before washing. Touch-ups are recommended every 3 to 6 months depending on the natural hair texture and how quickly the hair grows. (4 hours minimum - depends on the hair type, length of hair and damage level)


Targeted, professional-level Aveda treatments that can be performed as a standalone or add-on service.

*This treatment must be performed one week prior to a color service. It cannot be performed on the same day due to scalp exfoliation and stimulation.

Botanical Repair™ Bond-Building & Strengthening Treatment$30
Repairs damaged hair and builds bonds, making hair 5X stronger after one service.
Botanical Repair™ Bond-Building & Strengthening Color Treatment$35 and up
Repairs and protects damaged hair during a color service, while building bonds to strengthen and reduce hair breakage.
Nutriplenish™ Intensive Hydrating Treatment$30
Deeply moisturizes and revives dull, dry hair and provides 5X more hydration and up to 2X more shine after one service.
Scalp Solutions Renewal Treatment *$30
Addresses key scalp concerns, helps defend against visible signs of premature scalp aging, and provides visibly shinier, healthier hair after one service. Features products that improves scalp hydration, nourishes and softens the scalp, and soothes dryness (normal-to-dry scalps) or products that reduces sebum, restores a clean scalp surface, and cools and refreshes the scalp (normal-to-oily scalps).

 Prices subject to change without notice.